1. 1.a strong denial to oneself of instant food gratification.”Karen ate all the jaffa cakes so fast she could not recall where they had all gone!”
  2. synonyms: shallow, gluttonous, regretful, ashamed of herself

Does this sound familiar at all? Ok, I made it up, but it is true of us all right? When we are hungry, we open the fridge or cupboard. And before we have had a chance to have the self discussion about choosing healthy, colourful, nutritious, naturally low in fat options, our hands have grabbed the chocolate, crisps, biscuits or cheese sticks. In a matter of seconds they are in our mouth and devoured and denied.

The most success I have had with clients who sabotage themselves with snacknesia is discussing that ‘treats’ are just that: a treat and not every day quick fix food. That taking your time to prepare and eat it, makes it a treat.

Let’s not eat at our desks: apart from the implications of food hygiene on our keyboards, don’t we deserve the time to go and sit away from work and enjoy the smell, texture, colour of the food we choose.

Published by Rani

Student of Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth 2020. Former wedding, portrait and events photographer. LRPS, LSWPP. CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer, Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor specialising in transforming health and fitness of the minds and bodies of women and children.

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