Mind Your Language

Be honest with me: How many times a day do you curse and rebuke yourself? And how many times do you say this aloud? I know that I tell myself I am stupid, fat, lazy, ugly on a daily basis. It has become a second inner language that I very often speak out loud. I use language on myself that I would NEVER use on another human being. In the company of my daughters as children I was so careful not to use this derogatory language about myself. But somewhere in their teens it became acceptable to put myself down – often incessantly. “Oh you look pretty Momma” “But, I think I look fat/ugly in this”.

It needs to stop. We fulfill the language we use, especially on ourselves. I am aware that using negativity BREEDS negativity and I can literally talk myself out of going out. When any of my clients tell me they are ‘sorry I am so slow’ ‘sorry I am a div’, ‘I’m so fat/ lazy/ greedy etc’ I stop them and remind them that they would not dream of ever saying this to anyone but themselves.

So please, stop and mind your language. Tell yourself you are beautiful today. That you are positive today. That today is one step closer to where you want it to be, if you want it enough.

I will if you will.

Published by Rani

Student of Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth 2020. Former wedding, portrait and events photographer. LRPS, LSWPP. CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer, Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor specialising in transforming health and fitness of the minds and bodies of women and children.

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