Mindful Body Check

Do you ever do a mindful body check? I do this at the end of teaching a Seated Strength & Stability classes for Seniors asking ‘if we don’t know how each part of our body feels right now, then how can we know if it is better or worse than last time?’.

Take some time to quietly sit in meditation – this will mean different things to all of us. Close your eyes, supported in a chair, feet flat on the floor, or laying if you prefer and breathe. Concentrate on your slow breath coming into the body through your nose and leaving through your mouth. Do this at your own speed. When calm washes over you, start at your crown and ask yourself how does my head, jaw, face feel today. Take time to note if you feel tense, if you are congested or your throat is sore. Follow this all the way down your body: neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, back, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Take stock of your self.

Are you someone who would reach to the medicine drawer for ibuprofen when your joints ache, or a gel if you have muscle soreness? Open your mind and read up on “rolling”. There is an amazing alternative out there using various size and hardness of balls and techniques that can literally change your quality of life. I recommend “The Roll Model” by Jill Miller as it is comprehensive and tells you which balls to use and how. Dr Kelly Starrett is very well known to CrossFit community as is his book The Supple Leopard, his stretches and use of balls and rolling methods will astound you. And you will not need pharmaceuticals again. Sometimes just the breathing will alleviate stress. Our bodies are truly amazing, designed to survive most general aches and pains without 20th century medicine so give it a try.

Tune up balls for Rolling aches and pains away
Roll aches away

Published by Rani

Student of Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth 2020. Former wedding, portrait and events photographer. LRPS, LSWPP. CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer, Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor specialising in transforming health and fitness of the minds and bodies of women and children.

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