Numbers Game

I have long been a believer that I did not need to know maths as I did not want to be a pharmacist nor scientist, and I had a calculator. Maths is not in my DNA. HOWEVER having recently started my bodybuilding, I have realised I had got this completely wrong. Macros, Micros, TDEE and % – yes I can use a calculator but to have an understanding of my numbers and percentages on the run is so hard!

My weight is, give or take 1Kg, near enough the same every day despite the volume of classes I teach or weights I lift myself. Which leaves me with one conclusion. Based on the caloric deficit and straight-speaking-honest fact that calories-in need to be in deficit to lose weight, either Myfitnesspal can’t do the maths … or I am kidding myself and have serious snacknesia, I suspect the latter.

Trainers need to practise what they preach: there is no authenticity being a PT and not having a strong, physically capable and lean body – after all, how can we possibly train you and give you good advice, if we cant train ourselves. My body fat remains around 25%, my weight 61kg. I’m a UK size 8. But I want to be a seriously stronger version of me than this. After two weeks of giving it my best I have realised that I need to approach this in a better way. I am already sick to death of eggs with extra egg white for breakfast and I am gagging at the mere thought of brocoli.

There is a wealth of information on Pinterest You Tube etc to take advice from, unless it is from a revered professional with years of experience I will take it at face value; there is truth in there, but not always. So no more weight guessing, food will be weighed and accounted for on MFP. I have calculated my daily macros using an online TDEE calculator and am feeding for the training I am undertaking. I am expecting results. FACT.

Tomorrow will be Day 1 because as the UK basks in the hottest temperature on record, my gyms aircon is not going to cut it for me today. Tomorrow I will have a plan and it will start. Because as I keep saying – without a plan, I am lost in the woods.

Trying not to do ugly face!

Published by Rani

Student of Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth 2020. Former wedding, portrait and events photographer. LRPS, LSWPP. CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer, Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor specialising in transforming health and fitness of the minds and bodies of women and children.

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