There ARE positives …

The common opinion of 2020 is that this has been the worst year for everything, ever. No longer can we take liberty for granted. Spontaneity has become something we have to plan for (the irony). We all live day to day with the possibility that overnight our gender, ethnicity or age may have made usContinue reading “There ARE positives …”

‘Extra Mature’ Student

November last year we visited Bournemouth University for my other half Denzil to discuss his PhD paper. As we walked into the amazing building and educational environment my creative aspirations were massively stirred; could I actually do a degree? It was not something I had ever considered. When I was coming up to leaving schoolContinue reading “‘Extra Mature’ Student”


Is there a destiny within you unfulfilled and an opportunity you are still waiting for? I cannot imagine anyone will honestly answer ‘no, I have achieved everything and am completely content’.  We absolutely should have aspirations and goals. But often these are ‘shackled’ by people and environments that keep us small. A person can beContinue reading “Shackles”

What you want vs. What you need.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”: Steve Jobs When asked what I value most in the world (loved ones aside) I always answer “my time”. My time is so valuable to me that I refuse to waste it. I refuse to sit through tv time if it brings nothingContinue reading “What you want vs. What you need.”

Numbers Game

I have long been a believer that I did not need to know maths as I did not want to be a pharmacist nor scientist, and I had a calculator. Maths is not in my DNA. HOWEVER having recently started my bodybuilding, I have realised I had got this completely wrong. Macros, Micros, TDEE andContinue reading “Numbers Game”

High Performance Planning

It seems that the more I try to plan action, the more I become distracted by all the other things I need to get done. To be vital rather than functional is my ultimate goal, but the functional things sit all around me screaming for attention. I am a girl that became the woman ofContinue reading “High Performance Planning”