What do I mean? I mean I do not need to know if you are a woman, a man, black, white, old or young. I do not need to know if you are heterosexual or homosexual.

The only thing I will judge, ever, is whether you are a good, honest and open person. Therefore your definition is irrelevant to me. Represent your self. I represent myself only.

Mind Your Language

Be honest with me: How many times a day do you curse and rebuke yourself? And how many times do you say this aloud? I know that I tell myself I am stupid, fat, lazy, ugly on a daily basis. It has become a second inner language that I very often speak out loud. I use language on myself that I would NEVER use on another human being. In the company of my daughters as children I was so careful not to use this derogatory language about myself. But somewhere in their teens it became acceptable to put myself down – often incessantly. “Oh you look pretty Momma” “But, I think I look fat/ugly in this”.

It needs to stop. We fulfill the language we use, especially on ourselves. I am aware that using negativity BREEDS negativity and I can literally talk myself out of going out. When any of my clients tell me they are ‘sorry I am so slow’ ‘sorry I am a div’, ‘I’m so fat/ lazy/ greedy etc’ I stop them and remind them that they would not dream of ever saying this to anyone but themselves.

So please, stop and mind your language. Tell yourself you are beautiful today. That you are positive today. That today is one step closer to where you want it to be, if you want it enough.

I will if you will.

Lift to Live Longer

Another study has confirmed what most of us knew : lifting weights make us stronger, to live longer.

We now have a virtual ‘slave’ in our homes: Siri, Alexa, Google et al can turn the lights on or off, switch the heating up or down, close the blinds and curtains, answer the phone or change the channel on the tv – all things that we used to physically do. We don’t even have to get up to answer the phone anymore, it is usually less than 12 inches from our hand at any given time of day. We used to use our functional movement muscles, and just do it (ironic slogan).

There is biological proof that extra weight bearing makes our bones stronger and our hearts work harder. If you apply what we also know to be true “use it or lose it”, then it stands to reason that if you don’t use your legs and arms to get out of a chair then they will get weaker.

Amazing technology, once the incomprehensible dream of authors, exists for us to make life easy (read EM Forster’s The Machine, if you don’t believe me). It is foolish to even suggest that we reverse advances to become more active again but what we DO have to do is … become more active again. Walk, run, lift weights, walk up stairs, collect the shopping and (mercy me) carry it home. We as older adults will make our lives longer by doing these things. And if we nurture this into our children, it will be in their nature to prolong their lives in the same way also.

Just doin it – in my lifters!

It is undeniable – we do have to ‘just do it’.


If you are not familiar with it, TABATA is 4 minutes of 8 rounds of exercises: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. I recently came across TABATA WOD (coach) on Spotify and feel compelled to share. I suggested to a couple of clients that it was a great way to get their children moving but I cant imagine this would work with teens!).

Choose one of the tunes and the coach countdown begins. I suggest getting children to pick up their toys or tidy the room and see who has done the most at the end of 4 minutes. I have had good feedback that smaller kids love this!

Let me know if you try it and how the children react to the music and the countdown … adults could always try a TABATA exercise too – wall sits vs plank for the 4 minutes, while the children hurry about tidying!

A Healthy Pie

I have been part of the CrossFit community for a while now and there is one fact that is undisputable; without eating a diet to sustain health and fitness and NOT fat, you will not see results. You just won’t. An athlete does not eat as you and I; their macros and micros are carefully calculated on their body weight and specific sport regime.

What we can do, us mere mortals, is care, really care, about the quality of food that we do eat. This is true for children and adults alike. I have worked with teenagers in Pastoral Support and I can promise you, I can tell the difference in behaviour of a young person who ate a healthy breakfast compared to the one who drank ‘Monster’ or ate nothing at all before school.

We need all 3 macros, any diet that has you cutting out one or more of the foo groups above is literally a fad, one you cannot and should not sustain.

If you want to see results in your health, fitness, focus and attention, then you must eat and train for them. It really is that simple.



  1. 1.a strong denial to oneself of instant food gratification.”Karen ate all the jaffa cakes so fast she could not recall where they had all gone!”
  2. synonyms: shallow, gluttonous, regretful, ashamed of herself

Does this sound familiar at all? Ok, I made it up, but it is true of us all right? When we are hungry, we open the fridge or cupboard. And before we have had a chance to have the self discussion about choosing healthy, colourful, nutritious, naturally low in fat options, our hands have grabbed the chocolate, crisps, biscuits or cheese sticks. In a matter of seconds they are in our mouth and devoured and denied.

The most success I have had with clients who sabotage themselves with snacknesia is discussing that ‘treats’ are just that: a treat and not every day quick fix food. That taking your time to prepare and eat it, makes it a treat.

Let’s not eat at our desks: apart from the implications of food hygiene on our keyboards, don’t we deserve the time to go and sit away from work and enjoy the smell, texture, colour of the food we choose.